Posted by Jeet Kune Do Masta on Apr 25, 2015
The League’s Official Analyst

The League’s Official Analyst


Riggs is the leagues official analyst. he’s a very knowledgeable and skilled in the art of trash talk. He can break down every league match-up as well as drink anything from StrongBow to Ciroc with cranberry juice. He’s a huge Redskins fan and has been since birth. His favorite player was Sean Taylor, His favorite player on the roster now is Trent Williams and his throwback player is Art Monk. His favorite TV shows are The First 48 & NFL Total Access. His favorite Ol’school show is Sanford & Son. Goodfellas, The Program, Anything Star Wars or Trek and All Comic Book style films are his favorites. he even has a favorite Morning show which is NFL AM. He loves all types of comedy but his favorite comedians are Richard Pryor, Kat williams and Kevin Hart.

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